Am I the only person disappointed that Leeds beat Carlisle?

Just a quick one.

Am I the only person who was pretty disappointed that Leeds beat Carlisle last night in the League One play-off semi? There’s just a part of me that kind of won’t be too disappointed if Leeds spend another year in League One.

Let’s make it a 24 hour poll shall we? Why not…

Poll: Am I the only person who was pretty disappointed that Leeds beat Carlisle last night in the League One play-off semi?


I should have realised Leeds fans would take exception to this so let me just explain what I mean a bit more…

Why I won’t be disappointed if Leeds don’t win promotion is down to the fact that I’ve never been particularly fond of Ken Bates (putting it mildly) or Dennis Wise (although he has obviously moved on now), I have grown more and more tired of hearing the media banging on and on about how it was only a few short years ago that United were in the Champions League semi-final (I was disappointed when they were relegated from the Premier League as it is never nice to see such a big club struggling), and then there was the 15-point deduction debacle, which I don’t particularly want to go into.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to lose sleep if Leeds do come up. I watched both legs of the semi-final and overall they deserved to win, but it would have been a fairytale in many ways to see Carlisle promoted to the Championship. That’s life.

And I’ll always owe Leeds United Football Club a huge debt because of one reason. Andy Hughes.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. Gerry C says:

    I suspect you aren’t but over two legs, Leeds were the better side. The Leeds begrudgers will no doubt be out in style. Leeds were written off my most people after the first tie and after their performance maybe rightly unchanged Leeds side and travelled to Brunton Park,to play against a team defending the best home record in the division.The home side played one up front. The away side attacked at will. John Ward, the Carlisle manager acknowledged Leeds deserved their place at Wembley. It’s up to Doncaster or Southend to see if they deserve to be in the Championship instead of Leeds.

  2. Lord Mawhinney says:

    Me 2

  3. Daryn says:

    Why, what have Leeds ever done to you?
    There is no bad blood between the teams and we gave you Huckerby.
    There are many teams in the Championship that want Leeds to come up as we make everyone alot of money. The FA announced record attendance figures for League 1 matches this season and Leeds were the main reason for this. Leeds were responsible for the highest attendances at 21 grounds this season, 4 all time record attendances, and at Elland Road we recorded the higest attendance at any League 1 match for 30 years and the highest attendance (38,500 against Gillingham) in all the Football Leagues (including the Championship not the Premiership) this season. That is why you will find that the generally held view that “everyone hates Leeds” may not be true.
    Obviously you must then consider us a footballing threat, what other reason can there be?

    Leeds and Proud

  4. Maff says:

    nobody likes us, we don’t care

    we’re Leeds & we’re proud of it!

  5. Trevor Mitford says:

    I was delighted Leeds won last night.
    It would improve the Championship quality and crowd sizes with Leeds return.
    It all adds to the atmosphere. Can you imagine Carrow Road with 250 Doncaster or Carlisle supporters ?

  6. Tony (Mayhill Swan) says:

    Get a life! Haven’t you got anything more pressing to think about?

    Tony – Swansea

  7. Bob LUFC says:

    you are only disappointed because if/when we got up it will be an easy six points for us!!

    theres only one united, LEEDS.

  8. everwhite says:

    Come on Leeds, lets go all the way. Don’t know what that Swansea shity fan is talking about, maybe there not looking forward to having to play Leeds next season?

    Leeds and proud !!!!!! MOT

  9. James says:

    Leeds still holds a distaste in the mouth for many teams from the 1970’s era just like Manchester United of today. They were arrogant and dirty at times and were a proud bunch of players. Everyone like to see the underdog win, but i think Leeds team deserves to go up as Carlisle could not even sell all their tickets, hows that for supporting your local team which is a pity as Carlisle did well this season. Even if Leeds did start with a burden of 15 points, so Leeds deserve to be promoted in my eyes. Bugger the other jealous fans, onwards and upwards!

  10. Fred Uthant Charles KIng Octavia Finn Field says:

    We deserve a bit of glory after all we’ve put up with in the last few years
    come on Leeds

  11. Andy...Leeds!! says:

    Still have a sore head after celebrating last night, what a fantastic performance from the Leeds team. Just like to congratulate everyone at the club for getting to Wembley, also to the Leeds fans for there unbelievable support this season. ” We all love Leeds, we all love Leeds, we all love Leeds!!!. I Was replying to something but my minds gone totally blank, oh well it cant be that important. “Wembley!! Wembley!!, come on Leeds!!!.

  12. neil bolton says:

    Get a grip you loser ! What have those canaries ever won. The only thing you turkey munchers should be bothered about is the fact your beloved neighbours Ipswich Town finished higher than you.We are going to Wembley !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Simon says:

    I am a Mancunian Blue living Leeds and must point out that my fellow Blues miss the hoards travelling over the Pennines and filling the away section at what was Maine Road. Great atmosphere and friendly rivalry with the same applying at ER. May I ask whether your club generates this kind of excitement and of course revenue for other clubs. I have a gut feeling that the Chairmen of clubs in the Championship secretly hope that Leeds make it.

    This is a proper club with proper fans. They have a mob, but don’t we all. However when the Leeds mob steps out of line the media tend to jump on the bandwagon.

    We want them back in the Premiership sooner rather than later… best of luck at Wembley

  14. leeco says:

    leeds are a bigger and better side that you crapy little club will ever be and yes we are hated but we dont care bring on webley..

  15. Stuart C says:

    Why on earth would you be dissapointed by Leeds winning promotion. Sure maybe you hate Ken Bates, but Its not Ken Bates who this game was for. Its for the 5th Largest Football fan base in all of England. The fans who have watched there football club go to Hell & Back. We have had seven years of Bad Luck this match and possible promotion is for me & them……So from all the Leeds fans out there in Yorkshire and like myself in some place all over the world we would like to tell you we don’t care what you think… Your obviously someone who is jealous of the excitement the Leeds fans bring to the table. How many teams do you know that can sell out a 38,000 seat stadium for a League 1 match…? Remember it was one Alex Ferguson that said “Elland Road is the most intimidating venue in Europe.” why because of the true fans…

  16. GilesLeftFoot says:

    You’re grown more and more tired of hearing the media banging on and on about how it was only a few short years ago that Leeds were in the Champions League semi-final. It’s every freaking year. We Leeds fans don’t go on about it either.

  17. Bar Smith says:

    No but you’re probably in the minority
    feel for carlisle cos they battled hard but the better team over the two legs scraped through.
    yes we were crap in the first leg but if not for the carlisle keeper pulling off a couple of world class saves we still might have won.
    The 2nd leg was a truer reflection of the quality of football we’re playing under mcallister and the better team won.
    Am sick of the other teams in the league whining on about us getting points back too at the end of the day they were points we had won so it wouldnt have been as if we were given 15 points atart.
    At the start of the season my wish was for us to get promoted without the points so that we could tell the league to shove their points up there arses and now its a distinct possibility it could happen

    Come on you Whites!!

  18. Adrian G says:

    I am from Norwich, but what a naive comment. Leeds deserve less flack & should have been promoted in the first place. Norwich were lucky not to go down! Hopefully, Leeds will win at Wembley & be back the year after in the Premiership! Great fans & great club.

  19. Salford White says:

    I can sympathise with you. I am so fed up of the media harking on about how Leeds were in the champions league semi-final. But please remember it is the media who won’t shut up about it. Leeds fans would rather get on with things. I know noone likes us and we don’t care but I don’t see why we are hated, we have passion and pride and an underdog mentality, if i was a neutral Leeds would well be my second team.

  20. martin leeds says:

    The media have to fill their pages with something. Usually the Leeds stories include Ridsdale, Ferdinand, Champions League, Big Club, or the Service Crew. Generally none of it is pertinent or relevant.
    This is not the view of me, any Leeds fans I’ve met, or indeed probably the club itself.
    The shallow, us against them, hope leeds loose attitude belongs in the play ground not the terraces. Most fans of other teams with half a brain would welcome a sizeable crowd at their ground and the gritty northern banter.
    Never mind eh?

  21. wayne leeds fan says:

    Yet just another fan with a stupid comment. Ken Bates did no different than what the rest of the chairman would have done in his position. Get the facts right we were stopped 25 points not 15.
    We will always be loyal fans to our great club good luck lads for the final

  22. Gerry C says:

    Fair play to you. Taken on the chin.
    best of luck next year when hopefully we will be playing you

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