Tottenham get Palace wonderkid on the cheap. Brace yourselves…

…for it is not very often that you find yourself agreeing with Simon Jordan, but in the case of John Bostock I think the orange man is right.

Just in case you don’t know what “the case of John Bostock is”, Bostock is the now 16-year old wonderkid that Spurs have just signed from Crystal Palace. Palace wanted a deal worth around £4.5m, but a Football League tribunal instead ordered the Premier League side to pay £700,000 rising to £1.25m depending on appearances.

Take it away Mr Jordan:

“For a tribunal to reward a purportedly bigger football club in Tottenham to take one of the most gifted young English players in the country for a sum of £700,000 is nothing short of scandalous,’

“You get players like Aaron Ramsey, who has gone for £5m from Cardiff to Arsenal because that is the UK transfer market.

“The tribunal, in my view, are supposed to reflect the conditions of the transfer market place. And they came up with a figure of £700,000 for a player who has captained his country at Under 17 level, who is perceived to be one of the best youngsters in the country and is being chased by Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea.

“We had a £900,000 offer from Chelsea when he was 14 which we turned down. It’s beyond me and it makes me question why I bother with football.

“I have an academy who have produced a world-class footballer for someone else and got paid two-and-sixpence for it. We weren’t unrealistic – we didn’t try to be clever and put a value of £5m on the player.

“We simply said this is what the player is worth, these are the reasons why he is worth it and all we wanted was a fair and equitable outcome.”

Anyone who has experienced the joy of forking out £35 per ticket to sit in the Arthur Wait Stand at Selhurst Park may know a thing or two about “scandalous” pricing, but that argument is for another day.

There seems little doubt that Spurs got their man at a bargain price, but what does any of it have to do with Norwich City? Seeing as our academy isn’t quite as productive as it has been in recent years probably not an enormous amount, but Jordan is right when he says:

“I don’t feel it sends out a good message to people who pump millions into youth development. A significant amount of money we could have got from the disposal of John Bostock would have been ploughed back into youth development.

“And what’s going to happen to our young players when they are stockpiled in the butter mountains of the Tottenhams and Chelseas of this world?”

I’m sure Jordan’s gripe is more to do with Palace potentially losing out on a bundle of cash than on the future of our young players, but it doesn’t exactly encourage clubs to invest heavily in academies does it?

As an aside if anyone sees Juande Ramos, Sir Alex Ferguson or any other Premier League managers for that matter standing around the gates of Colney offering sweets to our youngsters please report them to the relevant authorities immediately. :)

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. George says:

    What you need to understand he was not under any contract to Palace, and we tried to negotiate with the orange one who refused. I do feel a little sorry for Palace but not for the Tango chairman.

  2. [with_teeth] says:

    I’m a spurs supporter and I feel for palace supporters (truly) but you can’t expect to hold down young english talents and hinder their development by not training with top quality players. The reason why there are so few English talents emerging is because the lower league sides are holding these players at ransom by placing unrealistic prices on there head. Don’t believe me? We bought Taarabt, Pekhart, Beirchechi and Olsen for a combined fee of the £4.5million price Simon Jordan proposed all of which are of either similar or far greater talent.

  3. Bill says:

    As a spurs fan its great that john bostock has joined THFC……but

    in good bussiness a fair trade is a fair trade so both sides win ..

    for a future deal when needed can be met with good faith in reverse

    we didnt agree on a transfer fee and the outcome seems one sided in our favour although 1.5 million pounds is a lot of money for a sixteen year old
    where football is money crazy……the FA should have some guidelines and categories for clubs to avoid such strange situations which depends on perception value …..a grey area…….to be clarified for the academies etc

    i dont believe spurs were at fault in their estimation and charlton must have put their case for the value of this player……..some where in the middle is the right price?

    so how is this tribunal linked to the fluctuating market in setting a price?

    how does it set its criteria?

    this could happen in reverse to spurs with our academy players…..etc

    the game needs modernising in its transfer anomalies to keep money at grass roots level for young english players for the future England ……team!

    come on FA dont just sit there……we;re all in this together


  4. rainbow says:

    this is a scandal, at the very least palarse should get a 50% sell on clause on the player

  5. Bristol Spur says:

    I agree with the general sentiment here. £700K is a little small, but £4.5m would have been crazy. He has done nothing yet, even for Palace.

    I would be happy to see yuf deals structured with a low start and more bonuses, provided they didn’t hinder the player. eg If the 50th first team appearance triggers a £1m bonus, and the player was a borderline squad player, a chairman might say not to play him. so lots of incermental bonuses that reward both clubs.

    I think the lesson that the tango man needs to learn is that you should negotiate rather than rely on tribunals.

  6. Invest in wonderkids is a high risk investment because only a few of them who would turn into world class players.

  7. Abe says:

    Spurs fan here. Hard to say whether he will be a success or not. I think the initial fee is fine but maybe they needed to get more money based on appearances etc. Somewhere in the region of a total of 2.5 million might be fair. As someone else said, the foreigners are coming in a lot cheaper. What did Arsenal have to pay Barca for Fabregas

  8. Will says:

    Jordan was not after 4.5M, 2.5M of that would have been dependent on add-ons. As for the spurs fan that says he needs to be training with top quality players, JB has been told he will play reserve team football this year. He would have played 20+ competitive games for palace this season. Is that the reason why there are no english youngsters coming through? no, its because they are in yours and otehr top clubs reserves.

    He was out of contract but only because he was too young to sign a professional contract. He was considered the ebst youth prospect in his generation, England U17 captain at the age of 15, played 5+ games for palace in the championship at the age of 15 and an appearance in teh FA cup. The fee is scandelous and it encourages teams in the prem to steal any young player that shows potential.

  9. Andy says:

    I am a Spurs boy and from what I’ve heard about this kid it sounds like a ridiculously low valuation. Although I have never seen him play and have heard many stories of supporters and managers massively overhyping their youngsters, there seems to be too much of a buzz around Bostock for it to be pure fantasy. It would be interesting to see how tribunals come up with their valuation, who sits on them or whether decisions are open to appeal. Anyone fill me in?

  10. nickkris says:

    Palace fan here, good on you guys, this is something that affects us all as football fans.
    There is a campaign being organised called The Fans Campaign – Lets Save Our Game.
    Would be great if you Canaries and all other football fans get involved.
    Could you put the link on the main part of the blog maybe?

    Power to the people!

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