Canaries linked with Ameobi again, but what about the bigger picture?

The Canaries have again been linked with Newcastle’s Shola Ameobi in the Mirror this week.

The paper says that Glenn Roeder is locked in battle with Jim Magilton and Ipswich over the 26 year-old’s signature, but disappointingly there was no mention of a price-tag.

There’s nothing really new in this story as we’ve been linked with Ameobi a number of times this season, but the implication is that there is obviously money going to be made available to Roeder this summer – and if someone like Ameobi is on his “hit-list” then you would think it’s a pretty sizeable sum to boot.

Chief Executive Neil Doncaster has already said that is the case – to much criticism on message boards and fan sites – but I can’t help but feel a twang of sympathy for the man often dubbed “Doomcaster”.

If the club releases a rather woolly statement saying something along the lines of “We’ll do all we can” (which is what happened a few weeks ago) then supporters demand answers and accuse the board of a lack of ambition.

Come out and say, ala Ipswich, “We’ve got £Xm to spend” and prices are suddenly hiked just like what happened to the Tractor Boys with David Norris. We were all very quick to laugh at them when that happened for showing their hand so freely, so why make the same mistake?

It seems obvious that there will be money to spend, and if I was a betting man I’d say it’ll be somewhere between £3m-£4m – not that we’ll ever know for certain as we do seem to like buying players for “undisclosed” amounts. I just hope Sir Glenn and his team spend it wisely.

Other clubs aren’t stupid. They know who has money to spend and roughly how much, so it’s all just part of the game – and looking at some of the signings we’ve made in the last few years I’d say overall we probably aren’t winning.

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