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Top Secret

REVEALED: New Norwich City away kit

The new Norwich City away kit isn’t officially revealed until tomorrow, but I have an exclusive view of it here…

Former Norwich City manager Paul Lambert

Lambert and Norwich: it was always going to end like this

The writing had been on the wall for a number of weeks, but no Norwich City supporter should be surprised at the manner of Paul Lambert’s exit…

Paul Lambert

Lambert is too good for Villa, and Liverpool are too stupid for Lambert

Never dull in these parts is it? Nobody would have been shocked when Villa gave Alex McLeish the boot, but I was hoping we would at least have a few weeks this summer before the big red PANIC button was hit on Twitter and the message boards about Paul Lambert’s future. Admittedly Lambert didn’t exactly […]

Bacary Sagna says Bradley Johnson broke his leg on purpose

Bacary Sagna says Bradley Johnson broke his leg on purpose

Arsenal defender reckons Norwich man deliberately broke his leg…

Jermaine Pennant

Jermaine Pennant is consistent

It’s good to know there is at least one known constant in the universe, even if it isn’t a very nice one…

Tony Pulis

Premier League managers are allowed to speed

Tony Pulis avoids driving ban because charities would suffer. No, really…

Jermaine Pennant drives a Cylon

Jermaine Pennant drives a Cylon

When it comes to ostentatious displays of wealth, most people think of footballers. Any ideas why?

Thierry Henry

Don’t do it, Tel

Arsenal want to re-sign Thierry Henry, but you should never go back. Just say no…

Joey Barton

Welcome to the world, Barton Jnr

Four years ago today I wrote a post about how Joey Barton had just been charged with assault. Again. He has hardly been out of the news since but last night after QPR’s 1-1 draw at Swansea actually tweeted some positive news, namely the arrival of his and partner Georgia’s first son: “He’s here Cassius […]

Luis Suarez

When is a racist not racist?

When his name is Luis Suarez, it would seem. Unless you have been under a rock for the last week or so you are bound to have seen that Luis Suarez was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United’s lovable defender Patrice Evra. Not accused of racially abusing Patrice Evra, not suspected of racially abusing […]

Wayne Bridge

Wayne Bridge hasn’t retired already?

If you’ve seen any of the papers this morning or been on the BBC website among others you’d probably have¬†seen that Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini says he hopes Wayne Bridge leaves the club in January. If memory serves he was one of City’s first big-money signings when they got loaded, similarly to how he […]

Didier Drogba

Didier Drogba: mercenary for hire

mer-ce-nar-y [mur-suh-ner-ee]: working or acting merely for money or other reward; venal. Didier Drogba is out of contract at Chelsea at the end of the season, and hasn’t agreed a new contract with the club yet. Rumour has it they only want to offer him a one-year deal, but Drogba – who’ll be 34 in […]

Carlos Tevez: The Latin Darren Huckerby

Harry Pearson’s latest column over in the Guardian focuses on something us City fans are becoming a little too familiar with: loan signings. Specifically regarding when fans fall for a loan signing, which Pearson says is like a kid bringing a stray puppy home – you know it has to go back. It’s a decent […]

Manchester United ace has his car seized

Man Utd’s Carlos tevez has had his car seized by police after it was discovered he didn’t have a full UK driving licence. The beautiful one was stopped by traffic officers as they thought his windows were too tinted when they discovered he was driving illegally. I bet they had the fright of their lives […]

Has the new Newcastle boss lost the plot already?

Foul-mouthed, angry, frustrated. Just a few ways you could politely describe Joe Kinnear and his one and only press conference at Newcastle this week. You can read it all here. I’m still not sure what to make of it…