Don Fabio lays down the law

Fabio Capello

According to today’s papers, as England players assembled in the team hotel in Watford yesterday they were confronted by a notice board as part of a crackdown on “PlayStation culture” telling them:-

  • Lateness will not be tolerated.
  • Room service is banned.
  • Mobiles can only be used in bedrooms.
  • Players must eat together in smart dress and must wear team blazers when in public and at matches.
  • Players will be called by their surnames.
  • No WAGS, relatives or agents are allowed to visit.

According to the Sun, one “insider” said:

Capello has turned the hotel into a military camp.

Good. I like it. It’s about time our pampered footballers acted responsibly, and particularly on international duty. It could be exactly the kick up the back-side some of them clearly need.

Our national side has become a laughing stock in the last couple of years and if it takes a bit of “old school” discipline to restore some respect and pride in the shirt then I’m all for it.

I couldn’t agree more regarding the PlayStation culture as well. I’m much more of an Xbox 360 man myself – and on FIFA 2008 my England team is good. Very good.

And finally that new England away kit. My first impression is that it’s bl**dy awful. Reminiscent of the late 70s/early 80s kits. You must remember the time – we were really, really bad. I particularly like it that the shirt “has been anatomically cut to emphasise the athleticism of the player”. So in other words don’t bother buying it if you’re a lardy – you’ll look ridiculous.

Help us Fabio Kenobi; you’re our only hope.

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