All this sycophantic Ipswich Town journalism is starting to get on my wick

Some of the drivel coming out of Ipswich lately is beginning to get on my nerves. On Wednesday we had the Evening Star’s editor Nigel Pickover’s embarrasing tribute to sorry – meeting with – Marcus Evans.

(If you can stomach it and haven’t read it yet in all it’s pun-filled sycophantic glory you can do so here, although I prefer to read this version.)

That was followed with the incredible news that the Tractor Boys’ new sponsor was…the Tractor Boy’s owner – what a fantastic coup for the club!

But what finally tipped me over the edge was this story on the EADT24 website by Josh Warwick, which kicked-off with this:

SUCCESS-starved Norwich City fans are plotting a bumper celebration – to mark the 50th anniversary of LOSING an FA Cup semi-final.

The Canaries, whose sparse trophy cabinet is nearly as empty as their bank account, hope to boost flagging morale among fans by staging a series of events aimed at recognising the club’s heritage.

And ended with this:

Fortunately for Ipswich fans, Portman Road bosses have taken a more modest approach to marking success.

Had they not, supporters might be a little out of pocket celebrating an FA Cup win, a UEFA Cup win, a league championship, a Texaco Cup, an FA Cup semi-final, two league cup semi-finals, two top flight runners-up spots…

Do they ever actually report any news over there, or is it all brown-nosing and cheap insults? Judging by the previous story on the EADT site the answer seems pretty obvious. That little beauty starts with the line

The Blues have the backing of multi-millionaire owner Marcus Evans who has also sponsored the club.

It could be that this deal won’t affect Town as they are confident of winning promotion to the premiership and around £60m.

Ipswich have reported season ticket sales are going well and they are on target to slightly beat last year’s figures with around 15,000 expected to be sold.

Yes, yes, yes Ipswich now have lots of money again (well done) – and how it has come in handy so far! Eighth in the table when the January transfer window opened (i.e. when this new cash can be splashed) and where did they finish? Eighth. Job well done lads!

And also a job well done on the 15,000 season ticket sales. All this money and you still can’t get more than 15,000 people to commit to going to Portaloo Road once a fortnight.

Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve got lots of work to do at our club after the disaster that was last season, but my God I wouldn’t swap that for what they’ve got at Ipswich if this is the sort of “journalism” that accompanies it.

So see you next season Tractor Boys. You’ll know who we are – we’ll be the ones with the sold-out stadium every week.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. Ha, ha ha…
    You, “Dilley the Guru”, ha ha ha…
    I´ve only got one word for your posting. And thats in big letters; JEALOUSY.
    But I have to admit that I´m amazed by the fact that Carrot Road is sold out so often. Who the f**k wants to see shit football. Truly amazing!
    Mikael “true blue” Sweden.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And where exactly did your side finish last season?

  3. Rich says:

    Nice to see you getting so upset reading Ipswich articles.

    If you had anything to celebrate you wouldn’t be so jealous and bitter eh ;)

    Burnt any stands down recently?

  4. CaughtInTheBrambles says:

    Sure little clubs celebrate nearly triumphs, and certainly Suffolk will be condesending when little unsuccessful clubs like Norwich do so. The fact that this annoys you makes it all the better for the fans of East Anglias only successful football club.

    You have no silverware bar a couple of milk bottles, you have lost the majority of derbies, you are alongside Rochdale as one of those nearly clubs, never been good enough to win anything of note and quite likely never will.

    We laugh in your general direction

    Ipswich Town undisputed Pride of Anglia

  5. BlueArgyll says:

    Just you wait – you ‘aint heard nothing yet!! Mind you, I can see why the ‘bare cupboard’ bit got to you – the truth always hurts!

  6. marshmallowman says:

    This is obviously a distraction for Ipswich fans everywhere from their usual routine of being linked to a player, attempting to sign a player but the player turning them down as they don’t want to come to the hell hole that is Ipswich. Despite all their so called “money in the bank”.

    Oh, and of course an obvious distraction from the fact they can’t attract an outside sponsor!

  7. town who? says:

    Do you town fans forget which norwich company dug you out from the gutter with a cash injection?
    As for transfers what kind of player would want to work and live in Ipswich what a dump of a town…seen cleaner shanty towns. As for the people well evolution seems to have bypassed it.

  8. Toddus says:


    Enjoy your ‘success’ Ipswich Hamlet (or is it just about a Village yet?!) FC. At least Norwich don’t have to spend loads of money to be a poor side unlike yourselves. But, fair play, I guess it’s difficult attracting calibre for small amounts of cash when you live somewhere like…I can’t even say it (because simply mentioning the place is vomit inducing, it really is that bad there!).

  9. Bert says:

    Jeez. Grow up the lot of you and stop bickering about events you have no influence over. We Ipswich fans also detest the EADT style and poor journalism. It is pathetic tabloid-wannabe which causes us more harm than good. Unless they sort it out they’ll be in trouble commercially, because it’s the website most fans skip when reading articles. We should have bonded over the mutual hatred of a terrible publication. But instead, the pointless-aggression chavs roll into view…..

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