It’s a panto alright, and who’s that behind you?

The chances are you read Adam Aiken’s “Fan’s Eye” column in the EDP yesterday. I did, and it further cemented my position in the increasingly uncomfortable Delia versus Peter Cullum “battle” that various media outlets, well ok Archant, look to be trying to create.

The underlying message that I’m picking up from the various newspaper articles and Mr. Aiken’s column is that the club should reveal why Cullum’s “offer” is unacceptable, if that is indeed the case.

All the speculation I have read in the last week or so is surrounding what the “offer” actually was. Was he offering £20m for the squad and expecting Delia et al to walk away? Or is he making an offer for their shares plus £20m for the squad?

That golden nugget of information is the missing piece of the puzzle, and as Cullum decided to “go public” via the EDP I would have thought they could have very kindly provided it from the outset – unless of course they don’t know the answer. In which case, did they ask?

Maybe they felt it was inappropriate to ask Cullum to reveal details of his full plan. If so, why should they expect the club to? If Mr. Cullum is unwilling to publicly state his intentions (which I think is reasonable enough), then you can’t expect the club to do so can you?

Let’s not hide behind a “£20m for squad improvements” headline. It might sell a few papers, it might rattle a few cages, but it doesn’t bring anyone any closer to knowing what is actually going on.

Want to turn a few more heads? Give us the facts about what the offer is and what it all means – then the club will have no choice but to say why they consider it unacceptable. Will they?

That’s the way to do it.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. MLS says:

    Spot on!

    I wonder why the only part of the deal that is in the news is the sexy bit about buying new players – suggests to me that PC is trying to acquire the Club on the cheap by turning the fans (and possibly the manager) against Delia & Michael, et al.

    Keep digging. MLS

  2. Andy says:

    There’s been an undeclared state of war between Archant and the board of NCFC for some years now. It’s no secret that Delia doesn’t take criticism of the way the football club is run very well at all. Ask any of the local scribes who’ve dared to ask “unhelpful” questions. I’ve seen myself – at various AGM’s – the way that Delia Smith responds to criticism from the floor. She’s a tough cookie, and no push-over that’s for sure.

    Something strange happens to people who own football clubs. It’s a power thing, they get the sort of high they could never get in their day to day business dealings. Their “proper” jobs. Whether it’s publishing, writing cookery books, appearing on TV or being the “King of Deals”, these people will never get a buzz like the one they get when tens of thousands of people turn towards them and sing their name at a football match.

    “Delia’s Barmy Army”

    “Come on, let’s be ‘avin you”

    It must be hard to give up after more than 10 years.

  3. c riches says:

    The third option seems the most likely to me.
    Peter Cullum wants new shares issued – to the value of £20 million. That way he becomes the majority shareholder without having to buy shares from Delia & Michael. The only problem is if D & M don’t want to remain shareholders under Cullum, in which case they might have a lot of trouble finding buyers for their £10 million stake. This, I suggest, is what is stopping any progress between the parties – PC doesn’t want to spend money buying shares which wouldn’t end up going on transfers, whilst Delia & Michael want out if he takes over – a tricky circle to have to square!

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