It could be a lot worse – we could all be Luton Town fans

So the Cullum deal is off. All rather disappointing but I’m going to try and move on, otherwise madness awaits.

At least we’re not starting the season on -30 points, like the club down the A6 from me. It just seems completely ludicrous that this overall penalty has been given to the Hatters.

The precedent was set with the Leeds case regarding a 15 point deduction for the CVA stuff (even though the Football League were told not to use it as a precedent) so I don’t think they can argue too much about that. It’s the other 15 points that seem over the top to me.

I bet Matthew Spring’s glad he decided to go back to Luton instead of signing for City a couple of years ago now.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. trevtom says:

    I don’t get why we have to sit around, move on and take this! Surely enough is enough…we (all 25,000 of us loyal attendees) cannot spend another season watching jokers run around the pitch because Delia sees herself above the millions of Cullum. We need to stand up, make our voice heard and finally oust Delia along with her dimunitive funding. Her financial ‘stabilising’ of the club is the reason we cannot compete on the pitch, because her ‘team’ deem it far more important to build hotels in the corner of our football ground…it’s a JOKE and I don’t want to take it anymore!! I understand the club needing to fight against financial meltdown, but right now (and ever since delia took over) we have been a highly regarded business and a poor football team second. What’s the point of stablising a FOOTBALL club when you can’t play football?! If you want to stabilise a business go and film a series of kitchen nightmares with Gordon Ramsay (although he likes someone in particular about as much as despairing norwich fans right now) and leave our club to actually play some football. LET’S TAKE ACTION AND TAKE IT TO CARROW ROAD!!

  2. Andy says:

    “Try and move on”??

    I’m bloody well not.

    Fact 1: NCFC are a bottom half Championship club, riddled with debt.

    Fact 2: Britain’s 40th richest man wants to take control. He’s a Norfolk man. Supported the club all his life. Even PLAYED for the youth team in the 60’s.

    Fact 3: He’s been knocked back by the majority share holders. Who even had to be persuaded by AVIVA to meet the man at all. Incredible.

    What do these people think Mr Cullum is going to do with the football club when he’s got it? Ignore it? Be content just to avoid relegation to League 1? Asset strip it??? Jesus, we haven’t got any ******* assets to strip! Do you think he’s got his beady eyes on the lawnmower? I don’t think so. He’s a tremendously successful businessman. He’s only going to pay what he thinks the club is worth. That’s what he does. He won’t be screwed over on a business deal. But this one, as the man himself said, is the ONE deal where he “might let his heart rule his head”. Because Delia, he’s a fan. Just like you.

    I don’t know Peter Cullum (Dave does! Are you still out there, Dave?) but my guess is that if really wants NCFC, he’ll get it. I can’t wait. The current administration can’t even send out the season tickets to the right people…..

    This club needs shaking up and waking up.

  3. David says:


    I’m as angry as you. As Peter said, the banks would have rolled over the debts knowing that someone of his financial standing was committed to the club. There was no need for him or the club to pay it off right now. All Delia had to do was accept his $20 million investment, issue him new shares to become the largest shareholder, and then the money could have gone directly to buy new players.

    But Delia and the others don’t want to give up their tenuous control without being bailed out of their bad investment. When City supporters look at Peter Cullum, they see a man who can be the saviour of the club AND wants to be that saviour. When Delia’s crew look at Peter, they see bottomless pockets that can get them back their money. They are not thinking of the club, they are thinking of themselves.

    All of us have to keep up the pressure on the board to go back to Peter and invite him and his money in, whether that means they get their investment back or not.


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