Man Utd’s pursuit of Spurs’ Berbatov and the wonderful world of hypocrisy

Alex Ferguson in today’s Sun:

“We have made Tottenham an offer on Berbatov and we have good expectations that this deal will go through.

“Berbatov has been impressive during a long time and would be a great addition to our attack.

“I think time will work for us more than against us. We will not stress this situation. We are hoping to have a constructive conversation with Tottenham in the near future.”

“We will handle the situation in the best manner”.

I wouldn’t have thought handling the situation in the “best manner” included talking to the papers about it – or perhaps that’s only a problem if it is his players that are being spoken about.

Cristiano Ronaldo anyone?

UPDATE:I’ve had a few comments/emails to say that the situation with Berbatov/Man Utd is completely different to that of Real Madrid/Ronaldo.

Whilst it is true to say that there are differences (for example it looks as though United have actually made a bid for Berbatov), the fact remains that what Ferguson’s comments can clearly be interpreted as trying to “unsettle” the player, and unless I’m very much mistaken that is one of Ferguson’s problems with Real Madrid with regards to Ronaldo.

FURTHER UPDATE: Doesn’t look like Spurs are too chuffed with Man Utd or Liverpool.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. tophobunty says:

    Agree 200% with this, very well said!

  2. Yidboy says:

    I would rather sell Berbs to Barca for a cut price £20m just to send a clear message to Fergy that he should keep his mouth shut in future.

  3. fiftypeehead says:

    Very true and very annoying. Grrrr

  4. Lloyd says:

    This is nothing like the Real7Ronaldo situation. We have put the money on the table, Madrid is still only talking. Where is the mega offer ? No where to be found just talk and as we all know that’s cheap.

  5. Jon says:

    Fergie’s been like this forever, anyone remember he signed Ferdinand from Leeds by using the press to unsettle him, the same with Carrick at Spurs, Rooney at Everton and the list goes on and on

  6. steve says:

    haha well said, they make me laugh the way they think they can bully everyone else an then when it happens to them they start bitching! I hate ferguson, hope he gets nut cancer

  7. davspurs says:

    Spurs should tell old red nose he can get lost and i would sell berbatovfor 20 million to barca or any other team that is not in our leage and if chelsea was the only other team i would let him go there firt and stop the bullying scotsman in his tracks why should spurs feed is massive ego buy keeping up at the top by cherry picking our stars now he has liverskint at it

  8. Spurs Dude says:

    This is typical of old Red Nose, one rule for him, one rule for another….
    Will we report him for Tapping Up????
    Will we report Rafa for Tapping Up Keane????
    Just when us poor (lol)Spurs fans think we can get somewhere, after the signings of Gio and Modric, we take 10 steps back by selling both our 1st choice strikers.

    Good Luck For The New Season City!!!!!

  9. kaikzor says:

    “We will handle the situation in the best manner”.

    – This is Ferguson’s answer to the question about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future, it doesn’t refer to Berbatov’s situation, so don’t turn things upside down just to prove you’re right.

    As for your accusations of hypocrisy, well, that’s just the way it is. You all would love to be in United’s position of being able to lure the best players in the world to your club but it just ain’t gonna happen (Ronaldinho anyone?). You have “mediocre” written all over your club.

  10. SpursTill I says:

    Roll on the Man U fans who are trying to claim that because apparently no bid was made it’s different in the Ronaldo case.

    Is it so though because it’s probably been the worst secret ever that Ferguson wanted Berbatov. SO whether Fergie came out and said it or he always manages to get the message out there using the media. Think Carrick, Rooney, Van Nistolrooy, Tevez, Sheringham, Ferdinand & now Berbatov (& that’s only for starters…)

    Too many friends in the papers doing him favours doing his dirty work.

    Lets hope he can see the irony too when Real come knocking next time.

    That all said & done it’s great when Man U get forced to come to terms with the fact that they may think they are the “Greatest Club in the World” (Quieroz) but unfortunately everyone knows they will never be held in the same regard as…

    – Real Madrid
    – Barcelona
    – Ac Milan
    – Inter Milan
    – Juventus

    And if any of them come knocking for Utd players Fergie will have to used to the fact he can’t compete.

  11. steve says:

    kaikzor do you have any idea what “position” united are in? clearly not, idiot! United owe more money than most small african countries and the fact is, two of the biggest banks in America that United owe money to are on the verge of bankruptcy and how long do you think it will be until United have to pay that all back? You United fans really make me laugh at how you think ur “Great Club” are so wonderful. You have an absolute tosser for a manager who everyone else in the country hates with a passion, annoying players who cheat, decision after decision after decision go your way and you have the ordasity to report Real Madrid (a bigger club than you) for trying to prise away Ronaldo? Ronaldo means as much to your fans and team as Berbatov does to us and you are using the same tactics that Real are to get what you want! Pot calling the kettle black is all I can say on the matter. As soon as United realise that they aren’t the biggest fish in the pond, the sooner everyone will stop hating them. I know you can quote “we’re European champions and Premier League champions and I can’t argue that and I was glad when you won it as it stopped Chelsea winning it but it’s Ferguson’s complete lack of respect for everyone else that makes you all so hated, plus the “my shit don’t stink” attitude of most United fans!

  12. VILLA FAN says:

    I think its a done deal. Thats why hes trapping off. hes no moron.
    Its been common knowledge that Manyoo have wanted him for ages.

  13. Balls says:

    Balls, footballs that is, not really! Different because United made an offer to the club, I’m sure Berbatov is well aware of United’s interest anyway. Fergie is probably worried about Barca’s reported interest and talking him up in press to encourage him to choose United.

  14. steve says:

    Ever since Berbatov snubbed United first time round to join Tottenham (whatever his reasons were) Ferguson has done nothing but declare his admiration blah blah blah. How do you think the stories get to the jouralists? Clubs have informants who actually write to members of the press and give them gold to print. I know this because I used to do this job for Southampton about 8 years ago and pretty much every club has them. United are using theirs to great effect and just got caught with their pants down from Real Madrid as they have a paper (Marca) on their payroll! Marca broke the story months ago about Ronaldo’s secret desire to play for Real and United, entirely correctly, lodged a formal complaint about it. The only thing that gets me is then within a month of that happening, so they still know how it feels, they do the exact same thing themselves! It just goes beyond all comprehension! Sorry any United fans reading this, I know at least %15 of you are actually from Manchester so I shouldn’t really use big words, but the London based United fans will know what i’m talking about

  15. United4Life says:

    hahaha i cant believe ‘SpursTill I ‘ actually said that Manchester United(undoubtedly one of the most successful teams in the HISTORY of world football) cannot compete with those teams. Please, speak some sense the next time.
    I respect Spurs as a club n believe they have enormous potential but don’t criticise a club that has enough prestige and silverware to show how successful they are!

    Oh and i think Berbatov is going to be brilliant for United.

  16. kaikzor says:

    steve: It’s a fact Manchester United are in a big debt, but so far it has failed to do the club any harm. Contrary, the club has achieved a lot of success recently and are able to lure the best players in the world to play for them.

    What do you base your opinion that Madrid is a bigger club than United on? Purely on history. As things stand now, Manchester United have a much stronger squad and have proved to be the best team in Europe last season. Madrid have struggled for a few years and even though things are starting to look better for them now, they still are years away from the one club they were in the 90s, a club that dominated the club football.

    If you say Real Madrid is a bigger club than Manchester United because they were more successful in the past, then I’ll go on and say Everton, Aston Villa and Sunderland are bigger clubs than Spurs.

    Yet you will run to the debt thing to prove you are right. I don’t give a slightest feck about the debt as long as my club is successful on the field. Something you could do with.

  17. steve says:

    Yes but you clearly fail to see that it’s all going to end in tears? I say Real Madrid are a bigger club than United because of the end of year figures, not Success as then I would go on to say Liverpool are a bigger club than United and that clearly is not the case.

    I wasn’t saying that United are by any means a small club nor was I saying that they are an unsuccessful club, I was merely pointing out the fact that represent are everything Ferguson claims to despise.

    As far as Everton and Villa being bigger clubs, I would say they are comfortably on par with Tottenham however, the figures don’t lie.

    The rich list 2008

    1 (1) Real Madrid £236.2m

    2 (4) Manchester United £212.1m

    3 (2) Barcelona £195.3m

    4 (6) Chelsea £190.5m

    5 (9) Arsenal £177.6m

    6 (5) Milan £153.0m

    7 (8) Bayern Munich £150.3m

    8 (10) Liverpool £133.9m

    9 (7) Internazionale £131.3m

    10 (12) Roma £106.1m

    11 (15) Tottenham Hotspur £103.1m

    12 (3) Juventus £97.7m

    13 (11) Lyon £94.6m

    14 (13) Newcastle United £87.1m

    15 (16) Hamburg £81.0m

    16 (14) Schalke 04 £76.9m

    17 (-) Celtic £75.2m

    18 (-) Valencia £72.4m

    19 (-) Marseille £66.6m

    20 (-) Werder Bremen £65.5m

  18. sanity says:

    I’m amazed that so many people are like ostriches when it comes to finance. The credit crunch will eventually mean tougher terms and faster repayment schedules for all. This includes the Glazers, Hicks and Gillettes. They are not exempt. Faans sticking their fingers in their ears and singing La-la-la a la Gordon Brown are living in cuckoo land. the chickens will come home to roost and the moneymen will only have their favourite trick left. Screw the fans but the fans are being sucked dry by the cost of living increases. Reality check anyone???

  19. Pk7 says:

    Good Lord, why don’t we all have some sense and look at this well? Its the Sun for crying out lord, since when did they ever not report rubbish? Gill already denied making a bid for Berbatov on MUTV three days ago, he says United have been in contact, but no bid has been made. Theres no case of hypocrisy here, because unlike Calderon, Fergie said he’s made a bid for a player, but didn’t say who, its looking like Berbatov, no doubt, but to avoid people like you who want to slate United at the slightest opportunity, thats why he never revealed the player. He hasn’t revealed the player yet, why would he reveal it to The Sun when he spoke to SSN and didn’t say anything. Before we start hopping on United’s back, why not look at the facts first.

  20. name says:

    “I’ve had a few comments/emails to say that the situation with Berbatov/Man Utd is completely different to that of Real Madrid/Ronaldo.”


    Real Madrid had the guts to say it themselves while Ferguson is a coward who has been using the media for over a year. Come on people, use your brains! Where do you think the Berbatov to United stories came from?

  21. Insanity says:

    Sanity – the credit crunch is simply a term coined by a tabloid hack with no understanding of the financial world which has, inexplicably, stuck. This so called “credit crunch” is really just an outbreak of responsible lending by the banks as a result of the mess caused by the stupid risks taken by them in investing in the US sub-prime (as in, people-who-probably-won’t-be-able-to-pay-it-back) market and it’s inevitable consequences. This means lenders will no longer give 150% mortgages to people with no deposit at 5 times their annual salary. People shouldn’t expect to be able to own a house if they don’t earn enough – just as United fans shouldn’t expect to pay £15 to see some of the world’s best players in action. As for United’s finances, and I might be a Spurs fan, but it’s obvious that the debts the club has are safe – given the levels of revenue the club generates, it’s probably one of the most secure investments on those banks’ books. If needs be, they could sell the debt on to another bank to generate cash flow; there aren’t going to be any letters dropping through the Glazers’ postbox demanding full and immediate repayment.

    Anyway, as for Ferguson’s comments, it’s not the first time he’s done this (Hargreaves is another example) but it does show how little respect he has for club’s like Spurs, particularly given his objections to the ongoing Real Madrid/Ronaldo saga. I’d rather we sold Berba to Barcelona for £10m less than we’re asking from United – and for Ronaldo to force through his move to Madrid – than let him go to Old Trafford. Berba is in Spain with the rest of the first team squad that Ramos wants to keep hold of – so let’s hope both he and Keano can keep their minds focused on their futures at WHL and not allow Ferguson and Benitez’s “tapping up” get to them.

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