Paul McVeigh – is this for real?

I had to check the date when I saw that Paul McVeigh was training with Norwich City again. It seems a safe football bet that the former canary – who struggled to hold down a place in the Luton Town squad last season – is by all accounts doing all he can to earn a contract at Carrow Road.

Don’t get me wrong – I was a big fan of McVeigh on his day. Sadly though, his day was quite a few years ago now and the fact we are showing an interest in him is a sign of where we have gone. He is 31-years-old and hasn’t exactly set the world alight in the two years since leaving us.

In fact, since August 2007 when he signed for Luton, McVeigh only made 24 starts in the league for them. I’m not sure whether this was down to injury or lack of form, but either would suggest that a move for him now wouldn’t be that worthwhile.

The reality is though that Bryan Gunn is giving McVeigh a chance to impress. He is set to play a part in some pre-season friendlies with the Norwich boss saying that the striker ‘has worked very hard’ in pre-season training.

He also reserved praise for the condition McVeigh was in despite not playing too much football of late. Gunn said that the Northern Irishman is ‘looking sharp’ with ‘good fitness levels’.

Are we really considering making a move for him though? I wouldn’t have thought so to be honest. He is a committed and talented footballer, but he has surely had his best days. To sign him up now would be attempting to rekindle a blast from the past and I think it would backfire.

In fairness to Gunn, he did mention that if ‘someone calls’ asking about McVeigh’s fitness, he will give them an ‘A report’. This suggests that the player is simply training with us in order to increase his chances of finding a new club.

I didn’t realise we provided this facility! Perhaps Daryl Sutch, Phil Mulryne or Spencer Prior will be seen at Colney next as they look to see if Gunn will give them a go?

by Thomas Rooney

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. John says:

    This article is kinda ridiculous i’m afraid….

    The “sole” reason McVeigh was not often utilised at Luton was on a financial basis. He was brought in with a massive play on fee (for Luton) on top of his regular annual wages, and therefore, given the dire financial circumstances at Luton they simply could not afford to play him. For the times he did appear at Luton he did impress both in League One and Two, and had an impressive goal to game ratio in his final season at the club, but he did not impress Luton enough to suck the club dry of what money they had left.

    And i’m just wondering how this move could this ‘possibly’ backfire? (bar if he goes on some sort of violent rampage and injures our entire squad)

    If Paul is given a contract he will of supposedly impressed the staff enough to earn one, after being examined in both a match and fitness situation, and if one is given the length and amount of money included in the contract will be minimal. Considering this, this move will either prove impotent in the long run if things go wrong (and thats realistically speaking as bad as it will get), or a move that really comes to benefit the team and the club.

    And on top of this, Darren Huckerby did suggest Norwich make a move for McVeigh. And considering his experience in the game, i’m certainly willing to atleast take notice.

    I’m an individual who certainly (and at the worst of times fiercely) disapproves of the appointment of Gunn, but this is a good move that could come to favour him and the club in the long run.

    And for those reading, and disagreeing with my point, can you please just open your mind up just a ‘bit’.

  2. MD says:

    Good points John. I for one can’t see any harm in giving him a shot. What have we got to lose?

  3. Daniel Smith says:

    Spot on, totally agree…you really shouldn’t post such articles when you haven’t done your homework on the player for the past two seasons – I think this will benefit Norwich City, especially younger players who can see a player who has a large amount experience with the club at higher levels…

  4. St N Goon says:

    Agree totally with the person who disagrees on the original article. I’m not suggesting that Macca becomes our number one choice up front but given that this season there will be 7 subs per matchday then he could become a player to bring on to change things about a bit.

  5. Rick says:

    I agree that McVeigh deserves his chance. I felt that he was a bit of a scapegoat when he was shown the door. He scored the 3rd goal tonight with a 25 yard volley against Fakenham starting as a winger then moving in to play as striker. His ability to play on either wing, in the hole behind the front two or as a striker is the kind of flexability City will need next year.

    A one year contract with incentives and options for promotion, etc. wouldn’t cost that much and with 7 subs available next year, he could well be a useful player for City.

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