Political Correctless Gone Mad 2 The FA 0

They’ve well and truly done it this time. The bottlers at the Football Association have, in their infinite wisdom, come to two ridiculous decisions:

  1. Should Cardiff win the FA Cup next month, they will represent England in the UEFA Cup next season.
  2. The Welsh National Anthem will be played before the game.

The first point annoys me slightly, but despite the fact that Cardiff agreed to stay in the (much more lucrative) English league with the agreed in place that they would be inelligible to represent England in Europe UEFA would have allowed them in anyway, so I can live with it.

The second point has rather got my goat. Yes, we played the FA Cup Final outside of England for a few years a the highly impressive Millennium Stadium, but why on earth should the Welsh anthem be played before the English Cup Final?

I can’t even summon the energy to rant about it, that’s how p*ssed off I am with this. I despair, I really do.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. bluebird says:

    we’re going to wembley your not !
    glad its wound you up. Go back home and make love to your mother!

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