Premier League managers are allowed to speed

Tony PulisTony Pulis – Dark Lord of the Potteries and enemy of football – was caught doing 96mph on the M42 in Warwickshire back in November.

You might expect that sort of offence would to result in a hefty fine and the loss of a person’s driving licence – but not if you are the manager of one of the country’s leading “football” clubs, oh no.

His solicitor Mike Stephenson somehow managed to convince the court in Leamington Spa that banning Pulis could get Stoke City RFC relegated from the Premier League, as well as seriously impacting his charity work (presumably giving donkeys like Rory Delap a job).

Stephenson apparently told the court:

“They (the charities) would suffer if they were relegated as a result – and the children who he would not be able to assist and the people of Stoke could suffer if Mr Pulis lost his licence”.

Pulis wound up hitting 15 penalty points on his licence, but instead of receiving a ban he was handed a £2,500 fine and ordered to pay court costs of £85.

That’ll learn him.

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