Shola’s “Mr. 10%” left to do the talking as Newcastle and Ipswich go quiet

Shola Ameobi’s agent Steven Denos says that no deal has been agreed between Newcastle and Ipswich regarding the sale of the striker, according to the Pink’un:

As far as I’m concerned Ipswich have not put a bid in for Shola. There has certainly been no dialogue from Newcastle to me to the effect that a bid has been submitted from any club at this stage.

I reckon we can take that to mean one of three things. Either it’s true what Denos says and no offer exists, he has been left out of the loop or, more likely, “Mr. Ten Percent” is just banging his drum on behalf of his client to try and shake out all the wood-be suitors. And I’ll go with the third one.

The Pink’un story fleshes out the proposed deal a little, saying that the Tractor Boys have offered £2.5m up-front plus add-ons which could eventually take the fee to £4m, and also quotes a mystical “source” from the north east who believes Ameobi would turn down a move to Suffolk in order to team up with Glenn Roeder and Lee Clark at Norwich:

He would probably like to link up with Roeder again, but the fact is that Ipswich have put their money where their mouth is, so to speak.

Not exactly what you’d call a “money” quote, but £2.5m seems a lot more appealing.

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. Not sure what to make of this one. Although I would never want us spending £4million on someone lacking in confidence and injury prone. Even £2.5million with add-ons seems a bit steep. But I guess I don’t know what our finances our like so if we still have some money in the transer kitty after getting Ameobi – I’d be happy enough.

    Told you I wasn’t sure what to make of it!

  2. James Sinclair says:

    I don’t think we have the financial means to compete with Ipswich if i’m honest, our money is better spread about and not blown all one a risk such as Ameobi. Not keen to get into a bidding war with Ipswich, even with our connections to Newcastle, they obviously want as much as they can get and Ipswich obviously mean business if they’re willing to shell out that much for him.

    I personally believe there’s better or the equivalent for cheaper.

  3. Andy says:

    Thomas, I’ll tell you what I think of it. I think this is the defining moment for the Turners. It’s “piss or get off the pot” time, actually. Because Ameobi is THE best striker available out there at the moment. He would, indeed, terrorise the Championship. £2.5 million is not unreasonable. He wants to come here. Let’s do the deal.

    It’s all very nice having two board members worth upwards of £300 million (on paper) But if the wallet isn’t going to get unscrewed – credit crunch or no credit crunch – then there’s very little point in them being there, is there? On paper.

    It might as well be you and I sitting there Thomas. Or any other NCFC fans. Because, quite frankly, we probably know as much if not more about football than they do. But we haven’t got the dosh to make a difference.

    I don’t mind if we’re potless. I really don’t. I’d prefer us to have a few quid, sure. But I don’t mind. I’ll still be at Carrow Road along with the 25,000 others every home game.

    It’s not the despair, I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand.

    What’s it to be, Mr & Mrs T?

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