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Carrow Road corner flag

Top 3 Corner Flags in English football

Don’t let it ever be said that I shirk the important issues in English football. We all love a good corner flag, and here are a few of my personal favourites…

Norwich will stay up, just – but it’s curtains for Charlton, Plymouth and Southampton!

It has got to that stage of the season when everyone is starting to look at everyone’s run in. Whether you are vying for promotion or desperate to avoid relegation, who the teams around you are playing seems to suddenly become very significant. This is definitely the case for Norwich who currently sit in the […]

As expected, Cole commits himself to the Forest cause

Andy “Andrew” Cole yesterday agreed to sign for hometown club Nottingham Forest. Oh well.

Phillips to leave West Brom for Birmingham, and Cole to Forest?

The Birmingham Express & Star are reporting that Kevin Phillips is on the verge of leaving West Bromwich Albion for cross-city rivals Birmingham City: Despite Phillips’ tremendous input last season, manager Tony Mowbray was not expecting the veteran striker to complete anything like the same workload in the Premiership, especially after his amazing recovery from […]

Roeder Clingans to his first signing of the summer from Forest

Ouch what an awful, awful headline – but maybe not quite as painful as “Clingan hoving into view on the starboard bow as Forest star looks City-bound” – even if it did make me laugh (what can I say, I’m a geek). Anyway, BBC Radio Norfolk this morning “understood” that 24-year old Sammy Clingan was […]

Canary Watch: Earnie to join Forest from Derby?

Looks like Captain Loyal is going to leave Derby for their local rivals Nottingham Forest. I still can’t really make my mind up about Earnie. He’s definitely goals, goals, goals in the Championship, but cannot seem to cut it in the Premier League. With all due respect I can’t for the life of me work […]

How I came to love the Canaries

“Why do you support Norwich?” If only I had £1 for each time somebody asks me that. I hear it pretty much every time I tell someone that I’m a City fan.Ask most fans why they support the Canaries and you’ll probably hear the same few answers: “I always have”. “My Dad does”. “It’s in […]