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Looking ahead to 2008/2009

As regular readers(!) will probably know, I write a column for the excellent Vital Norwich site called “Guru’s Goat”. I used to publish the first couple of paragraphs here and then link to the main body of it, but I figured that was probably a little mis-leading as you wouldn’t necessarily know you were being […]

Five reasons why the Championship is the place to be

As much as I want City to be in the Premier League, in my heart of hearts I have to admit it’s not going to happen for a while. With that in mind, I’ve decided to make myself feel better by compiling this list of five reasons why it’s better to be in the Championship […]

Football clubs and the fear of failure

On the way back from stadium:mk the other night (what a ridiculous name for a football ground that is) I was listening to an interesting debate on Radio Five Live regarding why clubs in the Football League in particular are struggling to make ends meet when there has never been so much money in the game. […]

What we have learned this weekend – 22nd/23rd Mar 08

We can score more than twice at home. Now that’s more like it. A hat-trick from Jamie Cureton and goals from Jon Otsemobor and Dion Dublin eased the Canaries to a 5-1 win over doomed Colchester. Colchester United are going down. After the way they rolled-over at Carrow Road on Saturday, is there anyone left […]

What we have learned this weekend – 15th/16th March 08

In all the excitement this week I almost forgot to do this, so it’s a little late… A tense relegation battle awaits. It doesn’t matter how we try and pretty-it-up, we’re in a dogfight now. I think it’s a battle we’ll win, but surely there isn’t anyone left who believes, categorically that we are safe. […]

What is the best league in Europe?

After four English teams reached the Quarter Finals of the Champions League Sir Alex Ferguson has hailed the Premier League as the best in Europe. That’s a pretty big statement to make, but with the English league contributing 50% of the remaining teams in the world’s premier club competition you can kind of see why. […]

Memorable Kits: Norwich City 1992-1994

On the Sun online today they have a run-down of the most hideous football kits of modern memory. As is usually the case, this little number featured quite high on the list, giving me the idea of another (oh yes my friends, another) new and not 100% original feature: Memorable Kits. We’re going to look […]

Scudy-Doo, where are you?

The Premier League has pulled out of a meeting with Fifa to discuss the…ahem…controversial plans to play a 39th league game overseas, claiming they: Need to conduct further studies and consultation before seeking the advice of Fifa. So in other words they’ve realised that it’s a completely ridiculous idea that Fifa would never sanction in […]

39th game: common sense prevails once more

Four posts in one day again. I know, I’m sorry. I guess I just the sound of my own, erm, keyboard… It is good news that the Football Association have rejected the Premier League’s initial plans to play a 39th game abroad. Without the support of the FA (whose chairman Lord Triesman declared the idea […]

What we have learned this weekend – 9th/10th Feb 08

Sometimes rivalries can be put aside, even for just one minute. Manchester City fans impeccably observed the minute’s silence at Old Trafford on Sunday – no doubt much to the disappointment of the media who would have loved a nice “supporters ruin Munich memorial” story. The Premier League no longer represents English football. Read this […]

The day that football died?

The day football died? A tad melodramatic for my liking, Thursday was more the day the Premier League ditched any pretence that it was a fair, balanced competition with English football at its core. The answer to players playing too many matches, it seems, is to play an extra game. Oh but don’t worry, it’s […]

FA Cup Fourth Round Predictions

If you’ve been reading this blog for longer than a couple of weeks you’ll know that I love the FA Cup, and with this weekend being Fourth Round weekend I thought I’d turn my attention to that and make a few predictions – hopefully I’ll be more successful than I was last time: Arsenal V […]

King Kev in the dock

Come on then, hands up who saw that coming. No-one? Nobody? Me neither. ‘King Kev’ is back on Tyneside. The Geordies are absolutely delighted that their “messiah” has come home, but is it a good move? The case for the prosecution (or why Keegan returning to Newcastle is a bad move). A cynic would call […]

Kitson comments a symptom not the problem, but it’s not all doom and gloom

“We are not going to win the FA Cup and I do not give two s***s about it, to be honest. I care about staying in the Premier League, as does everybody at this club. Our Premier League status is not protected by winning the FA Cup and it is as simple as that. It […]

Roll up, roll up, for the Sale of the Century

Tuesday sees the opening of the January transfer window, the only time between now and the summer where clubs can sign players on permanent deals (apart from free agents of course). Historically not a lot has really happened in this time. You tend to get the odd big-money move but usually gossip and speculation far […]