This weekend in the Championship

City could very well be safe after this weekend’s games – or we could just as easily find ourselves back within a couple of points of the drop zone with only two games left.

The Happy Days Scenario

The dream scenario for us would results something along the lines of Barnsley to beat Leicester, Blackpool to beat Sheffield Wednesday, Colchester to beat Coventry, us to beat West Brom, Plymouth to beat Preston and Burnley to beat Southampton.

That would leave the bottom of the Championship looking like this:

  • 15 – Norwich (55pts)
  • 16 – Barnsley (55pts)
  • 17 – Preston (54pts)
  • 18 – Blackpool (53pts)
  • 19 – Southampton (50pts)
  • 20 – Sheff Wed (49pts)
  • 21 – Coventry (49pts)
  • 22 – Leicester (48pts)

In the ideal scenario us and Barnsley would now be safe, and realistically the final relegation place would be between Leicester, Coventry, Sheffield Wednesday and Southampton.

The Nightmare Scenario

The worse-case scenario for City would results something along the lines of Leicester to beat Barnsley, Sheffield Wednesday to beat Blackpool, Coventry to beat Colchester, us to lose to West Brom, Preston to beat Plymouth and Southampton to beat Burnley.

That would leave the bottom of the Championship looking like this:

  • 15 – QPR (55pts)
  • 16 – Southampton (53pts)
  • 17 – Sheff Wed (52pts)
  • 18 – Norwich (52pts)
  • 19 – Coventry (52pts)
  • 20 – Barnsley (52pts)
  • 21 – Leicester (51pts)
  • 22 – Blackpool (50pts)

In this scenario QPR would be safe, but it would be anyone’s guess for the final relegation place.

The Most Likely Scenario

The most likely outcome will probably be somewhere between the two, and I would go for Barnsley to beat Leicester, Blackpool and Sheffield Wednesday to draw, Coventry to beat Colchester, West Brom to beat us, Plymouth to beat Preston and Southampton to draw with Burnley.

That would leave the bottom of the Championship looking like this:

  • 15 – Barnsley (55pts)
  • 16 – Preston (54pts)
  • 17 – Norwich (52pts)
  • 18 – Coventry (52pts)
  • 19 – Blackpool (51pts)
  • 20 – Southampton (51pts)
  • 21 – Sheff Wed (50pts)
  • 22 – Leicester (48pts)

In this scenario Barnsley are now safe, and it’s all eyes on the Walkers Stadium next week for Leicester against Sheffield Wednesday where a win for the Owls would make us safe no matter what else happened.

I can’t think that far ahead at the moment though so I’m off to rest my weary head before it explodes trying to comprehend all of the different combination of results…

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About the Author: A Norwich City fan who still loves Grant Holt, just. When I visit Fortress Carrow Road I can usually be found in the Jarrold Stand with a cornish pasty in one hand and a kit-kat in the other.

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  1. Gordon says:

    Leicester now hold the 3rd spot and they can keep it, but with all teams having 3 games left, meaning Leicester can achieve a maxium of 57 points, so in my simple way we need a further six points to make sure with total of 58 .

    Unlikely to happen but surely that has to be the goal of everyone ?

  2. The Guru says:

    Maximum points have to be the target for everyone, but with so many teams around the bottom playing each other plenty of points are going to be dropped.

    I think one more win (i.e. 55 points) will be enough for us, and it would be nice to get them at the weekend so we can concentrate on giving Dion and Hucks(?) the send-off they deserve.

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